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40.7608° N 111.8910° W Elevation 4226‘
40.7608° N 111.8910° W Elevation 4226‘
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Ski City is home to all kinds of skiers, riders, revelers, powder fiends, weekend warriors, and more. As a city perched at the base of America’s meteorological miracle, there is a special vibe that resonates throughout the city, and when the clouds are low and heavy with powder, you can almost hear it in the air. While the secret about Salt Lake being America’s best ski destination is less of a secret since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, what few people realize is that Salt Lake is a true Ski City. Salt Lake is populated with an eclectic demographic that is pulled here by a gravity that anyone who’s schrapled down a slope can appreciate. Day-to-day life in Ski City is most people’s idea of living the dream--and the people who live here know it. While it takes all kinds to make a Ski City (yeah, we love snowboarders, too) Dave Trevino is a perfect example of Ski City. Check out Dave’s award-winning video about Salt Lake, and you’ll get the idea.

2018 Ski City Shootout 1st Place – Dave Trevino
Ski City Shootout
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