Bid 2015 adieu and set the stage for a killer 2016 with downtown Salt Lake City’s EVE Winter Fest. This three-day party is the perfect celebration, whether you’re hanging with the kids, partying with friends, or visiting from out of town—there’s plenty of fun to go around.

One highlight of this year’s Winter Fest is the Nate Wade Subaru All-Access Pass to Downtown SLC—single-day tickets and 3-day passes give you one-time access to 10 different venues and multiple events downtown, including a Utah Jazz game (December 31st), Clark Planetarium, The Leonardo, Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, the Off Broadway Theatre, and more! You’ll also get unlimited visits to all the activities held in EVE’s home base at the Salt Palace.

Don’t tell Times Square, but we’re a bit more taken with Salt Lake’s Mirror Ball.

It's almost as big AND you can climb inside it—they don't let you do that in New York City. That’s right, on December 29th, EVE-goers can usethe secret hatch to climb inside the locally created mirror ball for selfies galore. On the 30th, the Mirror Ball will be set spinning, and you can see all 1200 12-inch mirrors in motion. On the 31st, the Mirror Ball will hit the night sky, accompanied by a light and laser show and the Stooges Brass Band—hot New Orleans-style brass music with a blend ofjazz and hip hop. Now THAT's ringing in the new year. 


So you’ve reached your wit’s end—winter vacation isn’t close to over, but the complaints of “I’m booooored,” have started echoing throughout the house, despite all the brand new Christmas presents. Have no fear; EVE WinterFest can keep the kids entertained for three of those days! You won’t even have to set the clocks to midnight at 9:00 p.m. and fake the New Year.


The Salt Palace is the place to be if you have kids in tow. Some of the highlights include:

BounceTown—basically a whole room filled with bouncy houses and inflatables. Yeah. Leave your shoes at the door; we’ll see you when you’re too tired to move.

CrashBox—Remember how your parents forced you to put your drum set in the garage? EVE Winter Fest does, and they think its bunk. You might want some earplugs while your kids (and you) bang it out on giant percussion pieces.

BallRoom/Kids' BallRoom—whether you’re in the more intense version geared at older kids and adults, with 2,015 inflatable beach balls, or the mellower “Kids' Ballroom” for small children, go head-on into the sheer chaos that is a room full of beach balls.


Here, friends, is where it all comes up roses for you. Those daytime hours normally consumed by school? Alas, EVE Winter Fest fills them, and with hands-on learning, no less! Your Nate Wade Subaru All-Access Pass provides one visit per venue.

Discovery Gateway—The Children’s Museum of Utah is full of opportunities for you and your kids to play while you learn.

Clark Planetarium—Space really is the final frontier; show your kids how rad the universe is in the Dome Theatre, show them some Neil deGrasse Tyson YouTube clips, and send them on their way.

The Leonardo—Put art into your kids STEM education and they’ll be unstoppable; you’ll see their creative minds start to turn at The Leonardo as you work through a wide array of hands-on exhibits.


If you’re kid-free, or have magically found adult freedom for New Year’s celebrations, rejoice! EVE Winter Fest has a number of grown-up-friendly opportunities to help you say auf wiedersehen to 2015.

Hop Rising Lounge

Nothing makes a party like a little social lubrication. As in years past, wine, domestic beers, and favorites from local breweries Squatters and Wasatch Beers will be available throughout the Salt Palace; for the first time, however, EVE attendees will be able to enjoy high-point offerings in the Squatters Hop Rising Lounge in the center of the Salt Palace. You’ll find us sipping the namesake IPA, chatting it up with anyone who comes our way. Nine percent is the perfect social lubricant.

Live Music

There’s that quote you see everywhere, “Dance like nobody’s watching…” Don’t do that. Dance like some people are watching. But dance! Shake what your momma gave you! EVE is full of opportunities to get down, some a bit more formally than others. If swing is your thing, you’ll probably want to visit the Big Band stage on New Year’s Eve. Maybe you want to move those hips? Catch Rumba Libre on the World Stage. And do not. I repeat: Do. Not. Miss. The. Stooges. Brass. Band. You will regret it.

Utah Jazz Game

For the first 1,000 people at the Salt Palace EVE Box Office, on December 29 at 6 pm, there will be tickets to see the Utah Jazz take on the Portland Trailblazers. Tickets are for the December 31st game. They aren’t guaranteed with your EVE ticket, so please see the website for details.


Whether you’re traveling from out of state or you don’t live downtown, here are some helpful hints for making EVE Winter Fest easy and enjoyable.

Hotel Packages

A number of local hotels are making it easier than ever to stay downtown as you celebrate the new year, it might even be worth it to make it a staycation! Easy access to downtown locations and no driving after a late night? Sounds pretty ideal. Many are including EVE tickets as part of the rate. Can’t beat it!


If you do drive, parking at the Gateway is included with your EVE ticket purchase. Validations are available at Discovery Gateway, Clark Planetarium, or the Salt Palace.

Getting around EVE

An EVE Express Bus will run all three nights, and will have stops at all of the venues.

Trax is free in the Free Fare Zone, with easy access to all of the venues.

Extended Rail Service

UTA will offer extended service on New Year’s Eve. Transit fares are required to ride anywhere outside of the free zone.