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How will you do Ski City?



A city isn’t a city without an active nightlife. From live music venues to microbreweries, dance clubs to neighborhood pubs, Ski City has an after-the-slopes after-hours spot for you. So kick back, relax, and toast to new friends.


Several Ski City bars pitched in with mouthwatering recipes for hot toddies, Irish coffees, and other wintery warm-ups. Get the recipes (and tips for mountain mixology) here.
Every beverage tastes better when accompanied by a live performance from an awesome band. Check these venues to see who's playing while you're in town.
As one of only two U.S. nitros to be bottled, this delicious, creamy beer is a rare treat. Here, Wasatch Brewery opens its doors and gives you the first taste.
Yes, we brew full-strength beer in Utah. But you're nuts if you don't try some of our 4.0 ABV beers as well. Our breweries have had lots of practice making these sessionable beers, and it most definitely shows in the taste.
Pull up a stool at one of Ski City's most character-rich, skier-friendly dive bars. This Cottonwood Heights hovel is one part hobbit house, one part pirate ship, and one part Western saloon.

Salt Lake brews tons upon mash tuns of delicious beer, and many a local brew will satisfy that post-powder thirst, but these five beers are particularly well suited to après enjoyment.
The Peruvian Bar (P-Dog, as it's known to locals) is full of spirits, both past and present. The building is brimming with history; the local music, liquor, and beer flow freely, and the people within are some of the best you'll ever meet.
Ten bars. Ten things to check out along the way. Zero pressure to do the entire crawl (if you do, you might not make it to the slopes the next day).
The High West Distillery in Park City, Utah keeps the Salt Lake Valley happily stocked with its top-shelf whiskeys, including the connoisseur favorite: Rendezvous Rye. Meet the man behind Utah's first distillery in over a century, and find out where to locate your next sip of the good stuff.
You haven't truly experienced Ski City unless you've sampled the goods from some of our award-winning breweries. The following must-quaff "high-elevation" brews leave 4.0 ABV far behind.
Getting a drink in Salt Lake is easy, and yes, you can get full-strength beer in bars—practically all of them, in fact. There are a few quirks in Utah's law books, though, so here's a handy guide.
Salt Lake’s Jack Rabbit Gin is the first juniper-based spirit made in Utah in 140 years. Step inside the distillery...
Salt Lake's bar scene is overflowing with places to drink. Several new bars just joined the scene, while old favorites continue to be great standbys. These days there’s a bar for all your drinking needs; you just have to know where to go. Here's Kelli Nakagama's list of the best bars in Salt Lake.
13% SALT asked the city's best bars to share the cocktails they're most proud of. Drink menus change, so take this list as an intro to the flourishing Salt Lake cocktail scene. (The bartenders were asked to share their recipes, so the amateur mixologist might find this photo essay especially interesting.)
Crack open a Wasatch beer and offer a frothy cheers to Greg Schirf. Or to borrow the slogan he coined for the iconic Polygamy Porter, “Why have just one?” Craft beer in Utah wouldn't be what it is today without the founder of Wasatch Beers (Schirf Brewing Company).