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Meet Talia Keys

It was the last, last, last day at Alta Ski Area in the spring of 2014. I had booked two gigs for this day, both at my beloved home mountain. I was playing the base of Collins Lift during the day while people happily waited in line for their last runs of the season. There's always a rambunctious crowd on Alta's closing days, and today was no different. After the first gig my band, Marinade, played our annual Guerrilla Parking Lot Party, where people grilled, drank, ate, and danced in their ski boots until the sun went down.


Talia Keys Closing Day Parking Lot Show at Alta


I had no idea that this day would forever change my career. I'm a local musician who plays solo and in a band. I'm also a skier who worked at Alta for 8 years, last year being my first winter totally self employed. It was on this fateful day during my solo gig at the base of Collins Lift where Bill Kerig, a local athlete and filmmaker, heard me for the first time. Upon further inspection of my music, he found the music video for the song "Me." Written by myself, recorded by my band Marinade, and filmed by my partner Melahn Atkinson, this music video shows me dancing and singing all over Salt Lake City. He enjoyed it, as well as the song's message. Next thing I knew, I was downtown talking to Ski City about their new ad campaign, and a few months later I was filming my spot in the commercial.


Talia Keys Filming Ski City Ad Spot


Being a local who was born and raised in Utah, has skied since I was 6, and has worked in the outdoor industry since I was 18, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to be involved. There are many common misunderstandings about our great city, and although a piece of me wants to keep the greatness of Salt Lake a secret, It's too good to keep it all to ourselves. Sharing is caring.

I've felt for a long time that our "image" needs to be updated and more accurately represent the people and places who make this city home. We're people of all ages and backgrounds, we're artists, musicians, lawyers, doctors, waiters, skiers, snowboarders, teachers, healers, and students. We have families, we have partners...some of our state is religious, some is not. Some of us drink alcohol, and some of us don't. Just like everywhere else in the world. But nowhere else in the world do you have four awesome resorts just 40 minutes from a major city, with several more just an hour or less away. No one else has that! The ad was a perfect representation of our great city, which is fun, diverse, and unexpected, and home to some of the best skiing on the planet. If you think Salt Lake is dry and white, you're right: the snow is very dry and white and fluffy and soft and "The Greatest Snow On Earth."

Talia Keys skiis down the slope in AltaTalia Keys Skiing in Alta


I'm passionate about my music, my nature, and my city. I'm passionate about Ski City, and I'm excited to share our little secret. I've worked all over this town, as a ski sales rep, a cashier, an ice cream maker, a dish washer, a line cook, a barista, and now a musician. The only constant with all my jobs? I could be up skiing any morning before work, after work, on the weekends … you get the idea. This place is the perfect balance of work and play, and if you're just coming here to play, you're in for even more of a treat! This season I'll be blogging about skiing, shows, apres, food, culture, and good old mountain folklore. All is well when the snow covers those mountains and I know my happy place is only 40 minutes away.



Talia Keys performs in front of people



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