The heart and soul of Ski City lives in our eight distinct areas: Great Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, West Valley, Mid Valley, Southwest Valley, South Valley, and the Mountain Resorts. Each area consists of smaller neighborhoods that offer their own unique blend mix of history, attractions, arts and culture, dining, nightlife, and shopping. From bustling Downtown to hotel-packed Midvale to the snowy wonderlands of Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons, each neighborhood has its own personality.

When you visit, you can explore each of these areas or stay in one place to really get to know the locals. Where ever you make your ski-home-away-from home, you’ll have easy access to the greatest snow on earth, restaurants, bars, shopping, and more. Because we know that there’s nothing better than an evening to unwind after an intense day of shredding. 

Where will you find yourself? Start exploring Ski City.

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