Ski City is home to all kinds of skiers, riders, revelers, powder fiends, and weekend warriors. As a city perched at the base of America’s meteorological miracle (The Rocky Mountains), there is a special feeling that resonates through the city when the clouds are low and heavy with powder. You can feel the anticipation in the air. While the secret about Salt Lake being America’s best ski destination is out since the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, few people realize Salt Lake is Ski City. The valley is populated with an eclectic demographic that is pulled here by the gravity anyone who’s ever schrapeld down a slope can appreciate. Day-to-day life in Ski City is most people’s idea of living the dream—and the people who live here know it. It takes all kinds to make Ski City.


Ski City has invited the five professional local videographers below to produce their version and vision of Ski City under the theme, "I am Ski City," with the winner taking home a sizable cash prize and bragging rights.

  • James Cawley

    James Cawley

    • Director/Cinematographer James Cawley has been in the video production, photography and the independent filmmaking business for over 10 years. His company Centerstar is a video production company that specializes in the recreation, tourism and the travel industry based out of Utah, USA. James has been serving clients big and small and producing dynamic content, independent films, tv shows, product & lifestyle content, commercials as well as marketing and educational training material. James has completed commercial work for companies like Zeiss, Tiffen/Steadicam, The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, TreadLightly, Amazon, Animal Planet, Utah State Parks, Utah DNR and many other regional and international companies and organizations. Known for his unique style referred to as, “Cinematic Raw”, James works to produce high-end work for large companies with a minimal production footprint…. all while keeping production standards, cinematic aesthetics and professional polished look with 1-4 person crews. Check out more of James’s work on his Instagram account or on Twitter @JamesDCawley
  • Tim Jones

    Tim Jones

    • Tim Jones is a commercial and outdoor-sports cinematographer based in Salt Lake City. After growing up skiing in New York, he moved to Utah for the mountains in 2006 where he continues to pursue his love for the sport. Since starting his company Grit Visual in 2013, Tim has created content for some of the biggest brands in the outdoor sports realm.
  • Dave Trevino

    Dave Trevino

    • Born and raised in Utah Dave grew up in the mountains. He got his first camera at age 15 and has been filming skiing and snowboarding ever since. Traveling the world for work Dave is always excited to return home to Utah and enjoy the Wasatch. If he’s not shooting time-lapses or sending the heli off into the atmosphere, you can usually find Dave looking for opportunities to capture the essence of an adventure.
  • Kyle Walcott

    Kyle Walcott

    • I grew up under the shadows of the Gunks in New York and moved out to Utah upon graduation nearly ten years ago to fulfill a childhood dream of mind which is to ski as much as I can. Utah has all the opportunities I could ever ask for. I got lucky with a production company out of Park City to really kick start my passion for film. Capturing footage and creating films that expand consciousness that connect us to a higher purpose are my favorite projects. I’ve filmed and edited tv shows, corporate brand videos, commercials and of course ski films. In my free time I enjoy most things outdoors whether it’s skiing, running, or climbing. I enjoy being humbled by talented people around me. And I enjoy everything with Mac in it.
  • Dru Williams

    Dru Williams

    • I’ve had a passion for film and video since I first picked up my grandfather’s RCA camcorder years ago. Along with my passion for film, is my hunger for snowboarding. Naturally, I began creating content based on both the things that I desire. For over a decade, I’ve been creating films for creative individuals, snowboard brands and businesses alike. In an evolving industry, my goal has been to be among the first to embrace and creatively implement leading technology and equipment. For me, it’s all about getting the perfect shot, riding the perfect line and creating a seamless workflow- which results in a captivating story, that people want to watch.