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  • How to Recognize, Treat, & Prevent Altitude Sickness

    When you’re skiing at resorts 8,000 feet above sea level it’s important to know how to recognize, treat, and prevent altitude sickness. This is the altitude where you or your family members can start to experience symptoms—especially if you live below 3,000 feet above sea level. Our four world-class

  • The Rewards of Renting

    OK, we admit it. The downside of any ski trip is lugging your gear from place to place—and if you're traveling with little ones or in a big group? Ugh. Hauling around boots, skis, boards, poles, and helmets is a price most of us are willing to pay for the thrill of sailing down a mountain with sleds

  • R.I.D.E. to Slide

    Every year as the signs of winter manifest, skiers and snowboarders flock in an uphill direction to take advantage of Utah’s unrivaled mountain terrain and snow. The fantastic conditions, clear mountain air, and legendary powder snow are just a handful of the reasons that make Utah such a great

  • Getting Your Gear from Point A to Point Ski

    To be or not to be is one question, but to check, ship, or rent your ski gear is really just as serious a question. When you’re getting ready for a Ski City vacation, it isn’t easy to decide what to do about your snow-sliding equipment. To make your struggle a little less dramatic, let’s go through

  • Get a Grip

    Regardless of skill level, pretty much all skiers and snowboarders have experienced the same sensation: being perched at the top of something overwhelming (whether that means a blue groomer or a 55-degree, rock-encrusted chute) and feeling shaky, out of your element, and weak-kneed. You imagine

  • 14 Ways to Cope with End-of-Season Blues

    The first few weeks after closing day can be rough. You lay out your ski kit at night, set your alarm, and then you remember... Here are some helpful practices for dealing with that post-season heartache. Wax your skis or board one last time. Photo: Flickr user cedralpass It's best if you can get

  • How to Beat the Cold

    I plan my life around skiing. I start workdays with a starry-skied dawn patrol and spend weekends pilfering powder at Solitude. I wear a slap-happy grin when above 8,000 feet. I also happen to be the most gigantic wuss ever when it comes to being cold. I’m simply not self-heating: I slink around my

  • Opening Day Survival Guide

    It’s only a matter of weeks before the Ski City resorts fire up their chairlifts and are descended upon by snow addicts fresh off a full summer’s worth of withdrawals. Skiing or riding on opening day is a respectable way to ring in the new season, but also not without its pitfalls. Here’s how to

  • How to Prevent Injury During Ski Vacations

    The start of a new season and the promise of freshies and face shots—it’s what winter is all about. Of course, it can also be a recipe for really sore muscles and the chance of injury. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help prevent injuries and to help your muscles recover after a

  • 10 Tips from a 97-Year-Old Skier

    George Jedenoff is a member of The Wild Old Bunch of Alta, Utah, "an extended group of 'old-time' skiers capturing Alta's long-time tradition of pleasant company and deep powder." (Did you know that if you're over 80, you can ski Alta for free?) George has been skiing the Wasatch for 55 years, and

  • 10 Pre-Season Exercises

    It doesn’t matter whether you live at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon and average 90 days per season or you live in a Mediterranean climate and do one big ski trip per year: if you’re already in good skiing shape when you first hit the slopes, you’re going to get a LOT more bang for your buck.